Each item treated with care ...

Belgrave Premium Dry Cleaning

Appearance is everything…

…we really do believe that. How our customers’ clothes represent their character, their ambitions, their self-worth is extremely important to us and we ensure that every service we offer maintains the highest of quality standards.

Our staff are all highly trained and experienced to service every type of fabric and have a keen eye when it comes to noticing even the smallest mark. Attention to detail is so necessary in this business and our customers need to rely on our years of experience in order to get the service right first time, every time. We are confident that you will be happy with the results and most of our customers are now regular clients, confident to place their garments with us.

At the Lower Belgrave Street  and Battersea stores we have an on-site tailor who is available to discuss any alterations or repairs to garments.

For more information about booking in your clothes you can call on 020 7592 9292 or email us with your details and we would be happy to call you back.

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